Virginia's Elected Women

General Assembly

Elected Women by the Numbers


  • House of Delegates 2018: 28 of 100 members are women, breaking the previous record of 19 that was set in 2013. 23 of the women delegates are Democrats.


  • House of Delegates 2016: 18 of 100 members are women, 14 of those Democrats
  • State Senate 2016: 9 of 40 members are women, 6 of those Democrats
  • In the U.S. Congress, Virginia currently has one woman (R) among its 11 Representatives and no women Senators
  • In its history, Virginia has only ever elected 4 women to the U.S. House and none to the Senate
  • Virginia has never had a woman Governor or Lieutenant Governor

House of Delegates

*First Elected in 2017 - the largest number of women ever elected!!